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Mastisol is a gum mastic-based liquid medical adhesive. There is ample clinical evidence indicating that Mastisol dramatically improves the adherence of tape, dressing, and devices, thereby minimizing lifted or detached dressings, device dislodgement, and risk of infection. Its use is supported by recent evidence-based best practice guidelines for vascular access device care and dressing changes. Its proven ability to reduced unplanned dressing changes minimizes material waste and staff time.

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Detachol is a non-irritating liquid adhesive remover used to quickly and painlessly remove medical dressings, tapes and most sticky residue from the skin. Best practice guidelines recommend the use of highly effective solvents to break the adhesive bond between the skin and an adhesive product to prevent risk of skin injury.

Medical adhesives and patient safety: state of the science: consensus statements for the assessment, prevention, and treatment of adhesive-related skin injuries cover
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ReliaTect is a transparent, antimicrobial, absorbent and waterproof incision management tool designed to be the only dressing used from closure to the provider follow-up appointment. It is capable of protecting a wide range of incision types while supporting postoperative care best practices like frequent observation without exposure to contamination threats. Use of ReliaTect is proven to positively impact patient and provider satisfaction.

Antimicrobial Dressing versus Standard Dressing in Obese Women Undergoing Cesarean Delivery: A Randomized Controlled Trial cover
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L.M.X.4 is a topical anesthetic cream that contains an anesthetic called lidocaine 4%, a non-prescription strength. It is indicated for use for local analgesia to reduce pain and discomfort caused by skin irritations.

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